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Hello there! :3

How have you been? I just broke my promise, again. I remember I very semangat-ly said I want to come back to blogging. And just after two posts, I was so lazy to continue blogging already.
I'm having the mid-year holiday now. 2 weeks is definitely not enough for me :( I want 2 years, heh :3So.. I went to penang for four days three nights. Stayed at Hard Rock Hotel and Gurney Hotel. HRH was prettyyy good :3 photos will be uploaded if I’m free :)

Went for mani-pedicure & movie with boyf today. Nothing much special I think.. Yes my life is so bored like that. I’m having 10 hours of tuition on Tuesday & Thursday. Fml this is the calon spm’s life lahh.

Till next time. Xox.

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went out with the bunch the other day. and two girlfriends came & sleepover at my place. though something happened between us last year. and it was all so shitty. i thought that we would never have someday like this anymore. but i guess miracle happened? :)

i'm not sure if everything between us is like how it used to be. but i'm sure i anyhow gonna appreciate it. ever heard of people telling you that high school friends are the best? i kinda agree with that although i've not been to college, yet.

but look. high school friends are the friends who go through your teenage life with you. they grow up with you. they see the changes in you. and yes, the accept the imperfections in you at the same time. unlike those friends that you'll get to know in the coming days. because those friends, are the friends that would betray you and go for whatever they want. and at that point, no one's gonna care about how you feel. people would only care about what they get.

Okay, this thinking might be a little negative. Well then, prove me wrong! :)

Okayyy, back to that night ;) as usual, we talked before we went to sleep. We talked about the memories. Hell lots of good memories! :) especially when we were in form 2. Playing with water every break time & lunch time. Playing with cake every time when there’s birthday girl. Getting into troubles every time we play too much. Falling into the emo-season together. Shouting at the corridor when there isn’t any teacher. Getting community service & detention classes together. And etc. We might have left a bad record. But that’s not something that everyone has. The memories, it’s priceless :) looking back at what we’ve done. We know we were young and dumb. But i’m pretty sure we enjoyed it.


back to blogging yo!
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hello there :) i've not been blogging for some time. i came back. i changed the blogskin. and i deleted all the previous posts without any second thought. it's crazy how time flies. the last time i blogged, was last year's Christmas. and looook! it's one hour to April 2011 already! i'm not sure if time flies is something good to you. but for me. it's not a good thing. i secretly hate it a lot when time flies. i hate it when i have to make a change to my life when i just got used to it. i hate saying goodbyes. i hate leaving what i have. time changes things, people, environment. never get surprised by how fast time changes all these things. & believe me, sometimes it's really scary to see how people changes.

so, i'm seventeen this year & i'm sitting for SPM at the end of the year. i'm starting to feel the stress already. i really hate this part cause i never liked to study. i'm someone who can't sit still and study. but i know i gotta do this.

life has been good all these while. family, friends & boyfriend are all good. though sometimes there are little things that really ruin my mood. but it's the imperfection that makes it perfect. therefore i'm learning to accept it :)

guess this post is really boring :/ i'll try harder next time! :p

till next time, xox.